A new report released by Vodafone and Accenture says that the use of mobile communications can reduce the annual energy bill for Europe by a €43 billion, equivalent to an annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by at least 113 Mt CO2e (metric ton carbon dioxide equivalents) by 2020. The figure equals about 2.4% of the CO2 emissions for the whole of the EU, or eliminating close to one... (more)

FORT. ST. JAMES, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (Marketwire) -- 02/02/12 -- NAK'AZDLI - Hundreds of members of the Yinka Dene Alliance protested the Enbridge hearings in Fort St. James today, delivering the message that they will not allow the Harper government to force the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil tanker and pipeline project through their lands and rivers. The Yinka Dene Alliance is a group of... (more)

Imagine a data center chock full of heterogeneous equipment and running hot. That should be an easy exercise since they all are. But now it's important to stop the waste and reduce energy consumption. Where do you start? Well, it might be nice to whittle the problem down to size and figure out what in that sea of servers and whatnot are the biggest offenders. A start-up called Sentilla sa... (more)

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Energy and information are the most important trading goods today. The way we are and will be ... (more)

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